More about Minnie

I don’t know much about Minnie’s life before she came to me. The people who were selling her only had her for a couple of months and they told me the reason for selling was that she was too big for the 14.2 hands class. She is about 15.1. They said she was quiet, but when they tacked her up, she was in a 3 ring bit, a grakle noseband and a martingale. They fed her on hay only, and she was thin.

She came to us as Polo, which I didn’t like, and the official name on her passport was ‘Call her as you like’ which is insulting. But her name soon presented itself – Minnie turned out to be highly strung and spooky, and when she spooks, she tends to spin around in a circle. So, Midnight Minuet came naturally, Minnie for short. The first time I called her Minnie, she looked up and pricked her ears. I felt she was happy with her new name and had her passport changed.

Minnie is a small mare, but she is, as they say, a lot of horse. She likes to go, and when she goes, she is very fast. She is sharp in her reactions and can come to a dead stop from a gallop in a split second, because a puff of wind moves a fern leave overhanging the path.

As it turned out, she was not really suitable for my daughter, who got a couple of scares with her, but she suited me. I like to go fast too.

At the moment, Minnie is at rest. Last November she unfortunately damaged a tendon in her off fore and the vet told me to give her at least 6 to 8 months off. Prognosis is unsure, it’s impossible to predict if her leg will fully recover and how long it will take. Watching Minnie galloping around the field just because she feels like it, I think it might take a long time.


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