Introducing Cassie

After Minnie hurt herself, I started thinking about getting a second horse. Minnie was going to need a long rest period to give her leg time to heal, and even when she gets the all clear , she will need to be rehabilitated slowly. I love the company of horses and I spend a lot of time just being with them, but I do like to ride too!

 I decided to wait until we had moved into the new house we had built on our land and got ourselves organised. Minnie’s companion since I got her was a friend’s pony and they were staying at her place at the time. There wouldn’t be space there for another horse, better to wait until the spring.

 Then one quiet Monday morning in February I was idly browsing a website with horses for sale, and I saw a photo of a chestnut mare. She was advertised as a 15.3 hands arab x thoroughbred x irish draught. There was something about her, and I just knew I had to have her. I phoned the owner, and arranged to go up and have a look at the mare at the end of that week. For the rest of the week I was nervous, afraid she might get sold before I got the chance to see her. But she was still there, waiting for me.

She was standing in a small concrete yard with several other horses. The owner brought her out and proceeded to tack her up. The bridle came with some serious hardware, a severe looking bit with a chin chain and a martingale, but were replaced with an ordinary snaffle when I asked. The owner handed me the reins, but I asked for her to ride first, so I could see what she was like under saddle. That was useful, because I sensed hesitation in the owner, and the mare was nervous when ridden and put her back up. When it was my turn, I let her smell my hands and I stroked her, waiting for her to relax. My first thought was that she was much bigger than I expected, at least 16 hands. I felt she was very green and hadn’t been ridden much . That didn’t really matter though. One look in her beautiful, intelligent eyes was enough. She was coming with me.


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