Two horses

Sam and Pepper have gone home. Pepper went on Wednesday. Her owner only had time to come up 2 or 3 times a week to see her and that is not enough to get to know a new horse. Sam just had to go. I depend on electric fencing to keep my horses in an area so I can manage my land and rotate the fields. The fact that Sam had lost all respect for the white tape and was prepared to take a shock to get out made him unmanageable. The final straw came yesterday afternoon. I was leading Minnie out when Sam turned and ran straight through the fence and bolted past me, trailing broken tape and sending the posts flying. Minnie naturally wanted to follow, so I had to hang on to her with all my weight until she calmed down again and I could walk her to my yard. I was very annoyed. Instead of spending time with my own horses, I was out in the field again putting the fencing back up. Sam was costing me too much of my time and over the past few weeks he caused a fair bit of damage too. So I phoned his owner, which wasn’t easy, because she is also a good friend, but to let Sam stay any longer was not an option. I brought him home last night.

 When I came back I went down to the field to be with Minnie and Cassie. They came up to me and we went for a walk down to the stream. I sat down and listened to the sound of running water and grazing horses.Two horses. It was very peaceful. I felt restored.


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