Equine Touch

Recently I went to a demonstration of Equine Touch. I was impressed with what I saw and I liked the gentle, non invasive and holistic approach. I knew one of the practitioners, and I decided to ask her to come and have a look at my two. Minnie has been out of action since last November and is still intermittently lame. Cassie doesn’t have any obvious physical problems, but there are a number of issues. She doesn’t like her head ‘grabbed’, so head collars and bridles only work on a very loose contact and I tend to lead her with a rope around her neck instead of a head collar and lead rope. She is nervous around her feet. She can retreat very deeply into herself.  Neither of them had a great start, but that unfortunately is the case for many horses.

 The practitioner came to us here at home.  We went into the field and brought the horses into the stable for their session. The practitioner brought Cassie in, so we were going to start with her. She started by introducing herself to Cassie. She moved around her, stroking her and laying her hands on her in particular spots, like on her forehead, between her ears, her withers, shoulder, lumber area. It felt strange to me to watch someone else touch my horse. I have to admit here that I actually don’t really like other people handling my horses. I haven’t quite worked out why. It almost feels like an invasion of privacy.

The first thing the practitioner noticed was that Cassie is a very sensitive mare. She then asked me to tell her a bit about her. I outlined the basics of her history. She told me that Cassie was quite upset about what had happened to her. There was a lot of heat coming off her under her touch. I have felt that myself at times, if I just put my hand on her while standing together. The practitioner proceeded with what she told me was some balancing work first. During all this, Cassie stood quietly. She looked introverted and paid no attention to outside distractions that would normally get her attention, like my dogs barking in the yard.

The practitioner then asked me to stand at Cassie’s head and started the actual body work. I was totally unprepared for what happened next. After a couple of minutes, I started to feel weak, my ears started buzzing and it went black in front of my eyes. I sat down with my head between my knees, waiting for this wave of dizziness and nausea to subside. The practitioner asked me to describe what I was feeling. She told me that it was Cassie who was affecting me and that it happened sometimes when there was a close connection. After a while the feeling subsided, and I got up again to stand at Cassie’s head. Cassie lowered her head and rested her muzzle on my hand, her forehead pressed against mine. She sighed deeply. I wanted to weep. During the session I had to sit down a couple more times.

Minnie was very much affected by what was going on. She had come up to the grill in between the two stables and stood there without moving for the entire session. She seemed to mirror Cassie, licking and chewing when Cassie did and yawning when Cassie eventually yawned towards the end.

When it was over, I felt exhausted. The practitioner is coming back another time for Minnie, I was so tired I just wanted to lie down and sleep. We brought the horses back to the field. Cassie just stood in one spot for a long time before she wandered off and started grazing.


I was not so lucky. Unfortunately, I had to go to a meeting that night and I had to leave immediately. It was the last place I wanted to be. When I came home it was well after midnight. I could just make out Cassie and Minnie’s silhouettes under a tree. Asleep.


4 thoughts on “Equine Touch

  1. This was so beautiful, I can’t imagine how blessed you must have felt when she lay her lovely head in your hands – the trust and connection must have been truly overwhelming. I was so moved, just in the reading of it!


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