A fine day

Yesterday we had the first day without rain since the beginning of July. I woke up to the sun shining on my face and instead of dull grey the sky showed patches of a deep blue not seen for weeks. I went outside to greet the horses and found them all facing the morning sun, dozing. Rosie was lying down, with Cassie, Minnie and Ben grouped in a semi circle behind her. They exuded peace and contentment.

Ben and Rosie have settled in and the four of them are beginning to function as a group. They wander around the fields, sometimes grazing close together in a corner, at other times they all seem to feel the need for more space and graze far apart in the same field. I get a feeling of balance and easy tolerance. Their pair bonds still in place, they don’t pair off anymore.

I had a busy day, with a trip into town after work taking the rest of my afternoon. When I was finally free, I went into the field. Cassie saw me coming and left the herd. I walked the perimeter and she walked beside me. Minnie, Ben and Rosie continued to graze, enjoying the evening sun.

When I went into the field I was feeling slightly out of sorts. Spending time with horses is like a balm for the mind. As I sat down to watch the sun set, listening to the sound of horses cropping grass and their snorts of contentment, I felt grounded again.


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