End of a holiday

The holiday is over and Maíre came to take Ben and Rosie home last night. Maíre and I stood at the gate and Ben and Cassie walked up to us. Ben showed his dominance and pushed Cassie away from the gate. He might have been expecting a bucket to materialise, it was dinnertime after all, but I think he was happy to see Maíre and wanted some private attention.

We brought Ben and Cassie in so we could go for a hack. It was a wild evening, with a very blustery wind and the odd rain shower. By the time we were ready to ride, the wind had died down a bit and although Minnie was standing at the gate whinnying, Ben and Cassie were happy to go. We had a lovely hack. The horses were relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company and so did we. The nearly full moon was rising over the hills and it was getting dark by the time we got back.

We put Ben and Cassie in the stables and went into the field to get Rosie. It was almost to dark to see her, but Maíre called her and Rosie came up. With Ben and Rosie in the trailer, I led Cassie back to the field and then it was time to go. As the jeep and trailer pulled out of the yard, Cassie and Minnie stood at the gate and whinnied. They stayed there long after Ben and Rosie were gone. We will miss them.


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