A ride with Cassie

Yesterday I came home from work and I was feeling very tired. I sat down with a cup of tea and even though it was a lovely day, I just wanted to go to sleep. No energy. After a while, I dragged myself up and walked up to the field to say hello to the horses and see how they were. Cassie and Minnie have been a bit unsettled since Ben and Rosie left.

When I got to the gate, Cassie was waiting for me. I opened the gate to let myself in, but Cassie had other ideas and came out. She looked at me and licked her lips. I decided to see what she wanted and closed the gate behind her. Cassie walked off into the yard. I followed her and when I opened the stable door, she walked in. I thought she might like a nice groom, as she was covered in muck. I went back to get Minnie, who was now standing at the gate, anxiously whinnying as she does not like to be left on her own. Then I got my grooming kit and went back to Cassie to brush her and itch her favourite spots. Cassie was obviously enjoying it and I began to feel a bit better. It really was a beautiful afternoon. Maybe we should go for a little hack. Cassie stood perfectly still while I mounted. Then I noticed I was still wearing my runners, so I had to get off and get my boots! Not with it at all. Cassie didn’t seem to mind and we set off.

I let Cassie set the pace and for a while we just ambled along. Cassie’s body was moving mine in an easy fluid rythm and I could feel my head clearing. When we came to the first hill, she flicked her ear back at me as if to say “are you ready?” and moved off at a brisk trot, with a couple of canter strides near the top. She then stopped for a bit of grass and I enjoyed the view until she moved on again.

I always ride with loose reins and no contact on the bit, but yesterday Cassie took me for a ride and I was just a passenger. It was a great experience and when we came home, I felt re-energized.


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