Two kittens

Early July we got two kittens. I wanted them for the yard. My hay and feed are meant for the horses and not to provide the local rodents with easy living. We already had a cat, but she’s 20 years old and spends most of her time asleep. So I got names of people with kittens from our local vet and my daughter and I set out to get two. We got the first kitten from a bogman living in a half derelict farm. The kitten was a lovely looking tabby about 10 weeks old and he had never been touched by a human. He was very wild and by the time we had caught him my daughter and I were both covered in scratches. I had only brought a cardboard box and the farmer pessimistically remarked he’d claw his way out before we’d be home and shuffled off to find some sturdier method of transport. He returned with an oil drum, the sloshing inside betraying that it was not quite empty! We brought the kitten home in the cardboard box. There were more kittens there, but we didn’t even attempt to find them, they had all run off into the bog.

We got the second kitten from an elderly lady just outside the next village. He was a bit younger and purred when we picked him up, so that was definitely an improvement. And so Ollie and Zebby came to live with us. We kept them in the house, because they were so young and Zebby needed to get used to humans. He was petrified at first, but Ollie was a big help, he is so friendly that he starts purring the moment he sees you and to him life is a party. Zebby slowly began to trust us and although he is still shy, he now loves a bit of attention.

Last week, we moved them to the tack room. I felt a bit sorry for them, but I do need them in the yard. We gave them a few days to get used to it and yesterday we opened the door to let them explore outside. Ollie had been trying to get out for days and he didn’t hesitate. Zebby wasn’t sure and stayed close to Ollie.

Here they are, setting off together.

Ollie is very brave and although he puffs himself up to make himself look bigger, he walks past Fido, who is watching with interest but makes no move to disturb the kittens. Zebby doesn’t like the look of the dog at all and is trying to get into the hay.

Ollie has found a piece of baling twine to play with.

Zebby has found some water to drink with plenty of shelter nearby in case that dog moves!

I left the kittens out while I was doing a few chores around the yard. When I was finished, I filled their food bowl in the tack room and they came running. What I need now is a cat flap, so they can come and go as they please.


3 thoughts on “Two kittens

    • Wolfie, I used to have a couple of cuddly toys when I was a child, Ollie the panda bear and Zebby the zebra. So when we got the kittens and one was black and white and the other striped, I thought Ollie and Zebby would be good names for them!

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