Minnie’s tendon trouble

I am worried about Minnie’s leg. The last few days she seems very sore again. At feeding time, she walks up instead of coming at a canter and when she comes into the yard, she gingerly picks her way across the hardcore.

A horse with a damaged tendon usually gets prescribed box rest, but we tried that and she went mad. She was literally climbing the walls of her stable and in hand walking was like trying to fly a 500 kg kite. I’m not even sure if it is the tendon, there is no swelling or heat in her leg, and I wonder what’s going on. I need to get her x-rayed, but how can I take her for an hour’s drive in the trailer?

Minnie has been barefoot for more than 6 months. I noticed that her right fore foot has worn away unevenly and is now a bit unbalanced, almost as if she is leaning more on the outside of the foot to take the pressure off. Perhaps I should get the farrier out to have a look at her first.

Minnie herself is very inward looking at the moment. I am really worried.


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