A moment with Minnie

A hot afternoon. I am tired after work and I lie down on the grass in front of the house. I bring a book, but I don’t open it. I lie on my back with my eyes closed. The scent of the warm grass is strong. The sun shines through my eyelids in an orange pink glow. It feels good. My body relaxes into the earth. I could sleep like this.

The horses are grazing nearby. Sounds I love. Teeth cropping grass, tails swishing insects away, gentle snorts. I hear soft foot falls coming closer to me and then that sweet breath that only horses have on my face. I glance through my eye lashes. It is Minnie. She is so close, I feel her whiskers and we are breathing each other’s breaths. I keep my eyes closed. After a little while, Minnie begins to graze, but she doesn’t move away. She crops the grass right beside me, her velvet muzzle touching me as she slowly works her way around my head and then down along the right side of my body. Eventually, she wanders off. I get up too.


3 thoughts on “A moment with Minnie

  1. Gosh, that’s funny that you and Minnie had this experience – I came over to your blog to look up an incident which I wanted to reference and discovered that you and Cassie were doing the same thing today as me and Rose.

  2. It was a lovely experience. Minnie usually doesn’t do things like this, partly because Cassie will come up too and push her away. On this occasion, Cassie ignored us, which gave Minnie the chance to come up in her own time. Lying on the ground I was completely vulnerable and open and I think that might have drawn Minnie in.

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