A new saddle

A while ago I described how my treeless saddle that worked so well with Minnie wasn’t really suitable for Cassie. Her movement was pushing me into the pommel and the fibreglass pommel insert would leave me with bruises. There were other drawbacks as well. I couldn’t mount from the ground because the saddle would slip and I would end up under her belly. It is always better to use a mounting block, but there are situations when hacking out that you have to get off and there isn’t always a handy rock or log available. I suppose I could have tried tightening the girth, but I don’t like girths to be tight, no more than I like tight belts myself.

Cassie is half arab and has an arab’s confirmation. She has a relatively short, broad back and wide shoulders. After a lot of research, I decided to order a saddle from the Arabian Saddle Company and have it made to template to fit Cassie.

Here it is. It arrived yesterday. It’s a 17.5 inch Rubicon Endurance saddle. It has an open pommel and swept back tree points, wide panels and a very wide gullet. I’ll be trying it out over the weekend.


Your thoughts..

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