Life with horses

I took all the fencing down a few weeks ago, so Cassie and Minnie can wander at will. I don’t always see them when I get home after work, because they have cover the whole area at least once a day, but they know when I’m back and they usually come up. They have been spending a lot of time close to the house. Apart from the pleasure they take in finally being allowed to graze on our new lawn as long as they like, they take great interest in what we are doing. Initially they would just watch from a little distance, but now they come up and investigate.

They can go a bit far at times. My husband was bringing the shopping in the other day, and found Cassie rummaging around in the boot of the car when he came back out to get the last bag. Not only that, but she nearly came in with him through the backdoor, no doubt attracted by the bag of carrots he was carrying. Unfortunately, he didn’t think to take a picture, but here is Minnie, on her way to take an apple out of the fruit bowl.

She nearly managed it, but Cassie came up and pushed Minnie out of the way. Unfortunately for her, I blocked her access. I love my horses, but I don’t need them inside.

With apple and carrot stealing no longer an option, they decided to rearrange the garden furniture.

We all enjoy having Cassie and Minnie mooch around the house. It’s so nice to read a book in the evenings and look up to see the horses grazing on the lawn, but it won’t last much longer. We have already had a phenomenal amount of rain this week, and as soon as the ground gets soft, the lawn, and with it easy access to the house, will be out of bounds.


18 thoughts on “Life with horses

    • The dark green horse is serptentine and the pale horse is soapstone. I carve them with rifflers, small marble rasps with sawteeth, and then polish them with water resistent sandpaper and water. I do everything by hand, no machinery involved. It takes time, but I find it very meditative to do it that way!

  1. Wow. I make things with papier mache, where if you mess up, you can just undo it and get rid of your mistake! But carving, now that’s real talent! How long does it take to polish them?

  2. It takes me about 10 days to carve a sculpture, polishing takes about 8 hours, it depends on the shape. I did a rearing horse and that took much longer to polish, because it was difficult to polish in between the legs and under the tail. I love the polishing, because it is only then that the colour of the stone comes out. I like working with paper mache too and with clay. Sometimes I make a little clay model first to give myself a lead if I’m doing a difficult design. If I take too much off a stone I can’t put it back on.

  3. Not yet, I’m hoping to get organised soon though. We only moved into our house in February and I’m now getting my studio ready, so I can work again this winter. A website will be next!

  4. June, it’s great! I used to rent a studio space in town, which meant I didn’t spend a lot of evenings at home last year. This year, I won’t have to go anywhere, I can stay home and just pop into the studio when I want, and see the horses outside my windows. Husband and kids are delighted with it too. Much nicer for the whole family!

  5. So maybe next spring I will (finally, been wanting to do that for ages!!) come to Ireland and leave some room for few sculptures on my luggage 😉

  6. Hi Jenny, welcome to my blog! Thank you for your nice comment on my sculptures, I’m glad you like them. If you do come to Ireland, please be sure to let me know, I’ll be delighted to show you my horses, living and stone!

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