Cassie is changing. When I got her in February, she had retreated inside herself. She lacked confidence, which made her very nervous and sometimes volatile to deal with. Over the past few weeks I noticed that she is growing. Not only is she bigger now than when I got her and more muscular, her confidence has grown too.  She is coming out of her shell and she is showing more exuberance. In the morning I feed them in the field and when she sees me coming with the buckets, she gallops up, tail in the air, and slides to a halt right in front of me with a toss of the head.

She is also becoming more dominant. Last week when it was raining I kept Cassie and Minnie in my winter field, so that they could go into the field shelter if they wanted. Cassie enjoyed the shelter very much indeed, but she kept Minnie out.

For their evening feed I bring them into the stables. I will lead Cassie with my hand in her mane and Minnie will follow. It is a good time to check them over, let them dry off when they are wet and put their rugs on for the night. It also gives Minnie time to eat in peace. When they are finished, I lead them back to the field. Cassie goes in first and will then block the entrance so Minnie won’t go in. I have to really up my energy to drive Cassie off. If I don’t, she will only move a step or two and then lunge at Minnie before I can even take the rope off her.

When she has chased Minnie off, Cassie comes back and stays with me for a while before she goes off to graze. Cassie is coming into her own.

She is not the only one growing. Here are Ollie and Zebby watching me mix the horse feeds, looking into the tackroom from the hay shed.


8 thoughts on “Growing

  1. Aw, love the cats!

    I’m glad I’m not the only one with a stinker who has the effrontery to lunge at a horse attached to a person! My “energy” usually consists of flapping my arms in a most undignified way.

  2. Yes, Cassie is five. Arabs are not mature until they are eight, so the growing could continue a bit, but I hope not as she is quite big enough now! How old is Bridget?

    Flapping my arms about didn’t work with Cassie, she would just give me a toss of the head and look at me as if to say: “What’s that supposed to be, the birdie dance?”
    Now I make myself bigger, look straight at her and say “Go back, Cassie” in a menacing kind of voice (I hope) and if she doesn’t immediately step back, I step towards her with energy and point my finger at her chest. Cassie is like at teenager, she is challenging me to see where the boundaries are and what she can get away with. So now I have three teenagers, but at least I don’t have to collect Cassie from a disco in town!

  3. Bridget will be 3 next spring – her Arab blood will probably keep her growing, then, for a while. She’s about 14 hh right now. They say that at 2, horses are 90% of their height which would put her at about 15:2 fully grown. I don’t think she’s grown in height in the last few months, although she does look more mature, and her front end has come up in relation to the back.

    How tall is Cassie?

  4. Cassie is about 16.1 now. Her father was an arab stallion who is 15.2 or 3, her mother was 3/4 thoroughbred of a National Hunt line. I don’t know how big she was, but National Hunt can be tall. When I bought Cassie she was advertised as 15.3, but even then I thought she was probably closer to 16 hh. Arabs can be slow starters. If Bridget makes 15.2, she’d be what I always thought of as my ideal height!

  5. Bridget and Cassie do look alike. Apart from the dish/moose profile, I think they have similarly shaped nostrils, and they both have that center-parted forelock – not to mention their colour.

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