A moonlit night

I walk outside before I go to bed.  The wind has died down and the night is still. The moon is only one night past full, and it gives so much light I don’t need a torch. There are few clouds, Jupiter is shining brightly, and I look for Cassie’s namesake, the constellation of Cassiopeia.

My mares are well named for a night like this. Cassiopeia and Midnight Minuet. They are lying down in the field. I can see their shapes in the indigo glow of the moonlight, close to the oak tree. They are lying back to back. Their heads are up, but they don’t stir when I walk past. They are dozing and my presence doesn’t disturb them.  It is beautiful and it feels good to be out.


2 thoughts on “A moonlit night

  1. Years ago we bought a small telescope because our son was interested. It was fabulous looking at Jupiter’s moons and Saturn’s rings, and the moon is stunning when viewed through a telescope. All the detail!

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