The last nail

We’ve had a lot of rain this week, but today was a beautiful autumn day. The sun was shining and puffy clouds scudded along a cerulean sky. I came home from work, thinking it was a glorious day for a hack with Cassie, conscious of the fact that it could be one of our last for a while.  Dermot McCourt is coming next Wednesday to take the shoes off and set us on the path to barefoot.

I went up to the field. Cassie saw me and walked up, followed by Minnie. I opened the tape and led them to the yard. They are well used to this now, and both will walk into their stables without any encouragement from me. I got my grooming kit and brushed Cassie. Then I got my hoof pick and held my hand out for her left fore. Cassie lifted her foot. The last nail on the outside of her shoe was loose and bend over. No ride today. It was almost as if Cassie was telling me she didn’t need the shoes anymore. I checked her other shoes, which where all still in place, and finished grooming her. I gave Minnie a nice long groom too, and then I decided we might as well have a nice stroll around the fields.

Here are some toadstools we found growing in the hedge rows.

I have always loved these, they’re the stuff of fairy tales. They start as a little ball and then open like a flower, but they only last a day or two. If I had gone for a ride, I probably would have missed it.

Here is another one I liked. Still life at its best.

And this one.

Cassie and Minnie were not interested in mushrooms at all. They still like the blackberries though. We have millions of them growing in our hedge rows and we  all love them. Even our dogs do. The blackberries are a little bit past their peak now, but still nice. Minnie is very fond of them and will browse for them by herself. She often has scratches and pink stains on her nose. Here she is harvesting them.

Cassie prefers to have her blackberries picked by somebody else and served on a plate.

We didn’t get to go for a hack, but we shared a lovely afternoon just browsing. The simple pleasures of living with horses. I love it!


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