Counting down

Cassie threw one of her shoes. Maybe she’s telling me she is ready to go barefoot now. If she throws a shoe a day, all Dermot will have to do when he comes on Wednesday is give her a proper trim. Three more days to go!

Here are pictures of what her foot looks like now without the shoe. It is her left fore.

Her toe is very long and there is flare on both sides, but more on the inside. Her hoof looks bull nosed. I wonder what causes that?

Where have her heels gone?

Here the flare on the quarters is obvious again and the white line looks stretched. It will take time before she has a proper foot.

I had a look around the field to see if I could find that shoe. Trying to find a shoe in a 2 acre field is obviously as futile as searching for the proverbial needle, but I would have liked to have it to compare it with her foot in months to come. Cassie and Minnie followed me around for a while, interested to see if this behaviour might mean a new game. It didn’t take them long to work out I’d lost the plot.


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