Cassie is bossy!

When Cassie and Minnie have finished their evening feed, I open the stable doors and let them out. Minnie will come out immediately, Cassie might stay in for a while. Here is what happened when Minnie decided to go over to the hay shed to help herself to a bit of hay while we were waiting for Cassie to leave the stable.

Cassie saw Minnie by the hay shed and walked over, pushing Minnie back a bit.

Cassie starts picking at the hay. Minnie is wondering what the chances are to get back at the hay herself.

Cassie blocks Minnie’s access, but Minnie is not ready to give up just yet.

Cassie now makes it very clear she does not want to share. Go!

What I found interesting was that during all this, Minnie actually only moved one foot, while Cassie spent a lot of energy trying to get Minnie to back off!


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