Indian Summer

Summer has returned for a few days. The misty mornings of autumn are chilly, and I will need gloves soon when I go out to do the early morning chores, but in the afternoons there is glorious sunshine and cerulean skies.

Yesterday morning I spotted a red squirrel in the branches of one of the beech trees. They are rare now, and it was lovely to see one checking this year’s harvest of beech nuts. Of course he was gone by the time my camera was ready!

I came home after work and I sat down in the grass for a while, doing nothing, spending time in the company of my horses on a beautiful afternoon. There were jobs to be done, dinner to be prepared and I had to go out again later, but I tried to keep all that from intruding and just enjoy the moment. Minnie and Cassie were relaxed and gazed into the middle distance, and so did I.


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