Storing tack

My tack room is  in fact part of the hay shed. I built a partition and put a door in and that was it. The partition doesn’t go all the way up to the roof, there is a small gap, due to the slant in the roof and my lack of carpentry skills. With summer behind us and winter on the doorstep, it is a less than ideal environment for storing my saddles. My husband wouldn’t appreciate it if I brought saddles and bridles into the house, so I was looking for a solution. What I found is this.

 It’s called an upright garden shed and it is meant for storing lawnmowers and garden equipment. It is completely water tight and, very important, it was cheap. Ideal, except of course it is plastic, so not something you can drill a couple of holes in to put up saddle racks.

Today, we had one of those miserable autumn afternoons with a lot of drizzle and rain. It was tempting to go and sit by the fire with a good book, but instead I gathered up all the odds and ends of timber I could find and armed with a saw, drill and screwdriver, went to the tack room to see what I could do. It took me the whole afternoon, but I managed to put up a structure strong enough to support two saddle racks and a shelf.

With the structure in place, I started rummaging around my tack. It was like a trip down memory lane. Tack that used to belong to horses long gone. I brought one of my saddles away to a saddler who will try and sell it for me, but there is still so much gear I’ll never use again. Girths, that don’t fit the horses I have now. Bits that I have no use for, because I now prefer to ride bitless. Stable rugs and quarter sheets. At least having my horses at home means I won’t “lose” anything anymore. Disappearing tack was something that seemed to be unavoidable in livery stables.

I lost track of time in the tack room, but Minnie and Cassie didn’t. Shortly after 5 they arrived in the yard and walked into their stables. Cassie came first and, after a short detour through Minnie’s stable, just in case there was something interesting there, walked into her own stable.


Minnie wasn’t far behind.

Time to sort out evening feeds and hay for the horses and dinner for the humans.


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