At the end of a long day

What do you do when it’s Sunday on a Bank holiday weekend, and it’s a glorious day, with beautiful autumn weather? A perfect day for being outside all day, for enjoying the crisp clean air of October, riding a fine horse in the hills.  Or perhaps even to go for a walk in the forestry with non riding family members.

I did nothing of the sort. Maíre came over with Ben and Rosie and we had a go at trimming our horses’ feet. More on that, including photo’s, tomorrow. We had four horses to do and no hoof jack, so it was hard work. By the time we were finished, we could both feel our backs. After Maíre had gone home with Ben and Rosie, I put hay out in the field shelter, and then turned Minnie and Cassie out for the night. As they began to munch on the hay, I walked out into the field and watched the sky turn pink. I felt very tired. Cassie came up. She touched my shoulder and then stood beside me. Sharing a moment at the end of a long day.


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