Hoof pictures – for the record

We are nearly 4 weeks into our barefoot journey and Cassie had some serious chipping going on. I wasn’t too sure what to do about it, but Dermot McCourt kindly emailed me some advice on how to go about tidying her up. So I went off and got a pair of nippers and Maíre and I spent most of yesterday crouched underneath our horses, carefully trimming. My husband came to have a look at what we were doing at some point during the day. He watched us for a while and then commented: “That looks very hard on your backs. Can you not put their hoof on something?” Yes, we definitely need a hoof jack before the next trim. We have very good horses, and especially Minnie and Cassie, who were at home, were not bothered at all by the procedure, but they certainly all seemed to enjoy resting their entire weight on us.

Here are the photo’s I took of Minnie and Cassie’s feet after we trimmed them.

Cassie’s left fore.

Cassie’s right fore.

Cassie’s right hind.

Cassie’s left hind.

Minnie’s left fore.

Minnie’s right fore.

Minnie’s left hind.

Minnie’s right hind.


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