Wind and rain

Autumn has turned. October has been lovely, with blue skies and sunny days. Now, the sky is grey with heavy rain clouds and the wind is ripping the leaves from the trees. In the fields the colour of the grass is fading. 

Minnie and Cassie spend their days out in the fields, but at night I bring them into the field with the shelter. I let them dry off in the stable while they’re having their evening feed and then I put their rain sheets on for the night. Judging by the amount of droppings I find in the morning just outside the shelter, they still appreciate being able to stand in out of the rain.


2 thoughts on “Wind and rain

  1. Although I know we shouldn’t ascribe to horses feelings which we think they should have just because we do, I do think they like to be cozy and safe and have a place of their own where they can really relax.

  2. It’s funny how they don’t go in during the day, but at night they don’t move around as much and then it’s nice for them to have a choice. In an open shelter they’re not trapped and they like it.

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