Fun in the picadero

Yesterday our man with a digger came and we added a lorry load of pea gravel to my picadero. The pea gravel will be great for my horses’ feet now that they are barefoot, and I hope it will also stop the sand from being washed out under the kick boards. The digger mixed the pea gravel with the sand and then levelled the surface. I had a walk around it when he was finished and liked the feeling it gave under foot. Time to get the horses.

I let Minnie and Cassie into the picadero. Here is what happened.

Minnie went down to roll almost immediately, followed by Cassie, who prefers to dig a hole first. Minnie got up again and shot off, bucking.

Cassie got up too. All the way.

There were more bucks from Minnie.

Then the two of them were racing each other. Minnie definitely had the advantage with her shorter stride making it easier for her to turn the corners.

In the pause that followed, Minnie went down to roll again.

Then there was more cantering.

Cassie did a lovely piaffe, while Minnie cantered around the perimeter.

Minnie absolutely loved rolling in this mixture of sand and pea gravel, she went down again and again.

Each time followed by more cantering.

They were playing around for about half an hour before they decided it was enough and came up to the gate.

Watching Minnie and Cassie have fun in the picadero, I was thinking how fortunate I am to be able to keep my horses at home. These moments are priceless.


3 thoughts on “Fun in the picadero

  1. If she can carry me the way she collects herself when she is showing off in the field or in the picadero, then I will have reached my goal. Oh and all that on a loose contact of course! Something to aim for…

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