What a night!

I just brought the horses in for the night. With torrential rain beating on the windows and gale force winds howling around the house, I wanted to make sure Minnie and Cassie were ok. Cassie was. She was standing in the field shelter and she was bone dry. Minnie was standing just outside the shelter, her rain sheet plastered against her body. She whinnied when she saw me. I could see she wanted to come in, but Cassie wouldn’t let her.

I couldn’t just walk away, so I threw all my principles over board. I just didn’t see the point of leaving them out, when it was obvious they did not want to be out in the rain. The stables were not bedded down, so there I was, 10 o’clock at night, hauling bales of shavings in the driving rain. In my dress. (Well, it is Sunday). I discovered that it is not that easy to bed down stables in the dark, but did the best I could. Then I put some fresh hay in the stables and brought the horses in. I took the rain sheets off and put them in the hay shed. At this stage, I don’t know who was looking more bedraggled, Minnie or me.

I got into my jeep. It wouldn’t start. I couldn’t believe it, I had just driven it up! I tried again. No go. I walked back to the house. No torch of course. It’s only 100 meters, but between the puddles and the rain, I was definitely not on my Sunday best anymore. I must be mad!


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