A greeting


5 thoughts on “A greeting

  1. That’s so sweet. Our horses would love to greet the dogs, but the dogs are too scared. Probably because they are very rude to the horses when there’s a fence in between.

  2. We have two dogs. This one was about to go to the pound in February, so I took him, because if they don’t get a new home within 8 days of arriving, they get put down. I have known him since he was a puppy. His name is Fido (not my choice, but he listens really well to it, so there was no point in changing it). He is 2 years old. We also have a 12 year old border collie called Pippin. Then there is the two kittens, Zebby and Ollie, that have appeared here in photo’s and Minnie and Cassie of course. All our animals get on really well and will regularly rub faces. When I take Minnie or Cassie for a walk, it’s like Old McDonald’s farm going on an outing. Cats and dogs will follow us too!

  3. We used to have 2 rabbits too. Their hutch was always open and they used to hop around the house all the time. The dogs and cats took it for granted that they were part of the family and never tried anything. I didn’t have to do anything, I tend to let all animals roam free and it just worked out.

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