A hole in the wall

This morning as I was feeding the horses, I saw light shining in through the back of Cassie’s stable. To my utter disbelief and shock there was a large hole in the back wall. Closer examination revealed all the evidence of a serious scuffle. There were hoof marks and scrapes all over the wall. I walked around to the back of the stable to check the damage on the outside and found splintered planks that were sticking out like spears.

It is not difficult to put together what happened. Cassie, who seems to be on a mission to make life difficult for Minnie, must have gone into Minnie’s stable to eat hay. Minnie, finding her own stable occupied, would then have gone into Cassie’s stable for hay. A serious error of judgement, as Cassie obviously followed her and tried to drive her out. Minnie would have had nowhere to go with Cassie blocking the entrance and must have panicked. Cassie must then have swung around and started kicking, demolishing the back wall in the process.

I checked both horses for cuts and bruises, but fortunately they seemed fine.

I leave hay out in both stables and the field shelter. You’d think they could find a pile without bothering each other. I already lock them up for their morning and evening feed so they can eat in peace. Neither Minnie nor Cassie takes well to being stabled overnight. I can’t think what else to do for them. Meanwhile, I am left with a stable to fix and think longingly of spring.

Here is a picture of the damage done. The scrapes and kick marks are clearly visible. Zebby is investigating the hole.

The damage outside looks like this


3 thoughts on “A hole in the wall

  1. Isn’t it desperate? Cassie has just proven every cliche ever uttered about chestnut mares! I have patched it up for now, serious reinforcement of the stable will have to wait until spring. I just hope they won’t have a fight in Minnie’s stable now.

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