The wind has turned from the north to its usual westerly direction, bringing damp air off the Atlantic Ocean, grey skies and drizzle, and temperatures that stay above zero overnight. To us, it is such a relief. I do love those winter days with crisp air and blue skies and the beauty and stillness of the frozen land, but we were not prepared for our well to freeze. We will have to do something about that before the temperature plummets again.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying the luxury of running water. The pipe of the watertank in the yard has defrosted and I revel in the sight of water flowing into the buckets. I am less pressed for time in the mornings now that I can drive to work at a normal speed instead of crawling along at a snail’s pace and taking nearly three times as long to get there.

Minnie and Cassie are eating a lot less hay now that grass is back on the menu. They are not interested in the hay that I put out in the morning, but leave the yard as soon as they finish their breakfast. They also drink less, about 25 liters a day each instead of the 40 liters each that I had to haul up when it was freezing. It all helps to make things a bit easier.


6 thoughts on “Thaw

  1. Cassie is a very clever girl, a bit too clever like you say! I need to work with her to keep her busy mind focused, she has too much interest in thinking up mischief at the moment. Yesterday I came home and I was carrying a shopping bag. As I was fiddling with my key to open the front door, she nearly took the bag from my hand, and she wasn’t trying to be helpful, she was merely interested in the contents (nothing in there that would have interested her, pure nosiness).
    Unfortunately, between the frost and the lack of daylight there is little I can do.

    • When the weather is really cold, I get the feeling our horses are just focused on survival and not all that interested in anything I have to offer apart from food. As soon as it’s even a little warmer, they go back to being curious and sociable. Or maybe they’re picking up a vibe from me – when it’s freezing cold, all I want to do is get done with the chores and go inside, but when it’s a little warmer, I’m more relaxed and willing to linger.

      • But of course as soon as I’d said that, they proved me wrong! I was out with them in the cold yesterday, and they were like, “Hey, what’s up?”

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