Don’t fence me in

I sang that song on my wedding. Not very romantic perhaps, but it suits me. I could do a duet with Cassie, she feels exactly the same. 

I was on my way to give the horses their breakfast this morning, when I noticed them in the field. Cassie was already coming over and Minnie was just getting up from where she had  been lying in the damp grass. I clearly remembered leaving them in the yard last night and I had fenced the entrance off, tying the rope to a fencing post instead of a tree this time. I had used a double knot and checked it. The post is concreted in and impossible to move. I thought it was secure. When I got to the yard, the rope was lying on the ground. The knot had been neatly undone.

It could only be Cassie. Cassie can open the top bolt of her stable door and she always pushes the door wide open with her nose when I come into the stable. She has figured out how to open gates. Somehow, she must have untied the knot. I just couldn’t picture her doing it.

I was in the stable mucking out when Cassie decided to give a little demonstration. She walked up to the rope and started playing with it. First, she used her teeth to pick up the rope.

She pulled it through the cone until she had a nice loop.

She then used her nose to pull it even further.

And back again with the teeth.

She kept doing this until she had the entire rope pulled through the cone. Then she walked off to find a nice spot to graze. Don’t fence me in…


4 thoughts on “Don’t fence me in

  1. Cassie is really good at that! Great technique!

    My friends horse loves to open plastic canisters, at first because my friend put carrot slices in, but nowadays just because he can. He likes to show off with this skill of his 🙂

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