These boots are made for walking

Maìre  came over with Ben and Rosie today for one of our Sunday rides. This time, it was Cassie’s turn to stay behind with Rosie. At last I was able to take Minnie to ride out with Ben again.

I got Minnie a couple of weeks before Maìre bought Ben, and we did a lot of rides together that first summer. Some rides stand out. I remember the first Trec Orienteering we did together. There was a fabulous long canter stretch cutting across several fields in it. Neither of us had cantered our new horses out in the open yet, but it was a beautiful day and we felt good and we just went for it. It was my first introduction to Minnie’s speed. Maìre and Ben took the lead in a powerful gallop, and I would have been content to stay behind them, but Minnie was not to be outdone. I felt her muscles bunch underneath me, then a surge of energy and before I knew it we were flying past Maìre and Ben. It was the first time I felt a real connection with Minnie; this was something we both liked, to run like the wind.

Things have changed since then. It will be a long time before Minnie is ready again for any kind of speed. Slow and steady is what she needs to rehabilitate and strengthen her tendon and that process will probably take up most of the summer. We’ll be walking for miles and miles, and that is what we did today. The last time Minnie and Ben rode out together, they both still wore shoes. Now, they are barefoot and they have Renegade hoofboots in front.

We had a lovely ride. It was one of those spring days that make life worth living. The sun was shining, the sky was blue with a few puffy clouds for contrast and the air was perfumed with the heady smell of blackthorn blossoms. The horses were happy to be out and striding along in time with each other without any need for encouragement from us. It was Minnie’s longest ride since I started riding her again, and she proved well able for the distance.

After the ride, we let Ben and Minnie roll in the picadero, before turning them out with Cassie and Rosie. Today was good.


One thought on “These boots are made for walking

  1. Lovely!

    I can’t believe how much farther behind our spring here is. We’re way south of you – like, the same latitude as Naples, but we only have tiny green shoots on our trees still. Must be that old North Atlantic Drift you got there.

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