Horses are strong and powerful, but also incredibly fragile. Minnie is lame again and I am devastated. On Saturday night I went out to check the horses. Cassie came galloping up to greet me, but she was on her own, so I instantly knew something was wrong. I went into the field to look for Minnie, and found her standing under a row of trees, head low, sheltering from the wind and rain. She whinnied when she saw me and when I called back, she started towards me. For one heart-stopping, agonising moment I actually thought she had broken a leg. She was hardly able to move, hobbling on three legs and I felt sick. Then I noticed it was her right fore, and I knew her tendon had given out again. I ran my hand down her leg, expecting and finding a horrible soft, spongy area halfway down the canon bone.

I rang the vet this morning. Prognosis for a repeat injury is not good. Scanning is scheduled for Thursday. In the mean time I am concentrating on getting the swelling down and reduce inflammation. And I sit with her until it gets dark, keeping her company and willing her leg to heal.


4 thoughts on “Fragile

  1. My heart breaks for you, is all. I know you have put so much care, time and effort into helping Minnie heal. I don’t know what to say, can dare only to hope for it all to be a mistake. You and Minnie are in my thoughts.

  2. Very sorry to hear that – my Maisie had to be permanently retired after repeated tendon/ligament injuries/scarring but she is healthy and happy and pasture sound now. Sending best wishes to all of you.

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