May was wet and windy, and so cold that we regularly needed to light a fire in the evenings.  Now, it is June, the start of summer and the weather seemed promising at last. The sun came out and for three days it was warm and dry. The country became a hive of activity with farmers rushing to cut the grass and make hay or silage before the weather turned again. The sound of tractors could be heard until it was dark and the green smell of freshly cut grass was so strong it was almost tangible.

I had hoped to get hay from my own land this year. All the fields have exploded in growth, but I won’t be cutting it for hay. May was wet so the rushes are thriving, and unfortunately the growth rate of rushes is three times as fast as grass. Horses will happily graze the tops of the young rushes, but they won’t eat them dried. If I want decent hay, I will have to tackle the rushes, but I don’t want to spray them. Apart from the fact that I don’t want to put chemicals strong enough to kill plants into the soil that is feeding my horses, there is also a lovely old meadow mix of flowers and herbs growing in the fields that I don’t want to lose. And there are orchids, hundreds of them. I love these delicate pale pink and purple flowers.


4 thoughts on “Hay

  1. Gorgeous!
    I tried to reply to your comment on my post but Blogger won’t let me 😦 Just wanted to let you know I read it. Did you know that too much iron will turn bays and blacks red?

    • That’s interesting, I didn’t know that. I don’t supplement iron, I give my horses a daily balancer, seaweed and copper. The soil in this part of Ireland has a serious copper deficiency, so my horses wouldn’t even come near their daily copper requirements from grass or hay.

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