Cassie has a sarcoid on her right front leg. It has been there for a couple of months. It started as a little wart like growth, and a ring of hair fell out around it, so that it looked a bit like ring worm. As Cassie had not been in contact with any other horses except Ben and Rosie it was obvious that it was not ring worm. The last time the vet here I asked him to take a look at it, and he confirmed my suspicion that it was a sarcoid. Last week I started treating it with homoeopathy. She gets a drop of the remedy directly in between her lip and gums twice a week for six weeks. In my optimism I can already see a bit of a difference after just three treatments, but that could be wishful thinking, so for the record here is a picture of what it looks like today. Now I’ll be able to do an objective comparison when the treatment is finished.


3 thoughts on “Sarcoid

  1. I don’t know whether you’d be able to get Exterra in your neck of the woods, but it is an herbal solution that I used with total success on Scout, who had a sarcoid below her right wither when I got her. Exterra works by aggravating the immune response. The sarcoid opens, becomes a wound, and then heals. Two courses several weeks apart were all that were needed for Scout. I would recommend it to anyone. Seven years later, Scout has a sooth, mostly hairless scar, and the sarcoid is gone. Exterra is made and sold in Colorado, but some vets do offer it as well.

  2. Thanks Muddy, that is good to know. My vet mentioned a herbal remedy he could try and get from the States, so that must be it. It’s my next port of call if the homoeopathy doesn’t clear it.

  3. I don’t know that I’d worry about it too much if it’s not large, not in a sensitive area and not getting larger quickly. But if you are worried about it, Xterra (if you can get hold of some) will do the trick for most sarcoids – Dawn had a large one on her neck right over her jugular vein – had it for years and we didn’t bother it – but then it started growing. Due to the location, it wasn’t a candidate for surgery but the Xterra did the trick in a single course of treatment. There’s not even a scar, and it was very large.

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