Just a quiet afternoon

The sky is overcast and it is warm and muggy. There is no wind and the horses are plagued by horse-flies. I put a head collar on Cassie and we walk to the gate. Minnie follows. I open the gate to let Cassie and myself out and then step aside, holding the gate open. Minnie decides she wants to come too. I close the gate behind her and walk to the yard leading Cassie.  Minnie trails along behind us, stopping every few steps to pick at the grass, but as we turn the corner to the yard she trots up not wanting to lose us from her sight.

Cassie is still lame and although there is not much swelling anymore, there is still heat in her leg, so I hose it down again. As I scratch her neck to help her stand still Cassie starts grooming my back with her muzzle. She does it gently, no teeth. When I have finished hosing I put arnica gel on her leg in the hope that it will help with internal bruising. Afterwards, I spend a long time in the stables with them. Minnie’s right fore could do with a light trim, she is still not putting her full weight on it and she wears her left fore quicker, so I take care of that. I do carrot stretches with both mares and afterwards a thorough grooming and I do their mane and tails. They enjoy it, there is lots of yawning and I leave them relaxed and dreamy-eyed.

When I bring them back to the field, Ben stands at the gate. I ask him to move before I bring the mares in. I take their head collars off and to make sure nobody gets trapped in the gate area I move them towards the centre of the field, so they have plenty of space. I get the wheelbarrow and skip and begin cleaning the toilet area of the field. Heavy work that I don’t particularly enjoy, but it gives me the chance to observe the horses without being intrusive.

They are fine. The four of them are well spread out across the field, grazing peacefully. Slowly they move into the next field, then they disappear for a while as they go down to the stream for water. All is quiet. I finish with the wheelbarrow and leave them to it.


4 thoughts on “Just a quiet afternoon

    • I’ve had horses in the past that I wouldn’t let anywhere near me with their mouths, but Cassie is incredibly gentle and she only ever uses her muzzle. I love it when she does it.

  1. It’s so pretty there. I love the trees, and look at all that grass. The grass here has stopped growing since the beginning of July. Oh well, when I lived in the land with minimal summer but lots of grass, all I did was complain about the lack of heat!

    Sounds like the kids have settled down a bit …. ? Seems like your two enjoyed their time alone together with you.

  2. Yes, lots of grass and fat horses to prove it! And I do complain about the lack of sunshine and the ever grey skies and the amount of rain….A case of the grass always being greener on the other side!

    The kids have settled down a bit. I have found that it is really important to keep them away from the gate area. That is where things come to a head. I’m sure you can relate to problems around the gate! If they are in the middle of a couple of acres they are more inclined to respect each other’s space and then nobody gets hurt.

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