Tomorrow I am taking Minnie and Cassie to the vet. I have to be there early and it takes about an hour to drive there, so I have just hooked the trailer onto the jeep and I’ve sorted out enough leg-wraps and tail-bandages for two to prevent a last-minute panic as much as possible.

Cassie is going to have the injury on her cannon bone checked. Treatment with the cream the vet prescribed finished last week and I don’t think it made much difference. I have since been treating it with Comfrey cream, because I have had good results with that in the past, and if it doesn’t do her any good, it won’t do her any harm either. I took her down to the road today to see how she went, hoping for even a tiny bit of improvement, and she is fine in walk, but in trot she just isn’t right.  

I am taking Minnie because we will try to find the cause of all her injuries. I have mentioned before that I always had a feeling that the injuries to her right fore leg might be related to a problem with the opposing diagonal. Even though the suspensory ligament has healed, and officially she should be ready to be brought back into work, there are days when she is obviously tender and it is clear that she is minding herself, and then there are days when she feels great and she prances and gallops around, full of the joys of life. It almost seems as if something is catching somewhere, but not always. I often wondered if she could have had a fall at some time in the past, but I never expected to find out.

Well, recently I met a guy who used to help out at the livery yard where I kept Minnie two years ago during the winter months. As we stood chatting he asked me if I had seen the changes the owner had made to the yard. I said I hadn’t been back there since I left and he told me the whole yard had been re-concreted and the surface roughened to make it less slippery in winter. “Remember how bad it was that time your horse fell…”, he said. My jaw nearly hit the floor! So it turns out they took my mare out of her stable when the whole yard was as icy as a skating rink and she slipped and fell and nobody told me about it at the time. Just thinking about the kind of damage she could have sustained in a fall on ice made my heart go cold. I told the vet about it and he fumed for a while on my behalf on the irresponsibility of some yard owners and then told me to bring her along with Cassie, so he can give Minnie a thorough examination and take x-rays of her pelvis. 

So tomorrow will be an important day for us. It will be good to know where we stand. I’m trying not to worry, there is nothing I can do, it is out of my control. But I still feel as if I have to go to the dentist tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “Nerves

  1. I hope your visit provides some answers. Geez, I cannot believe that the BO did not tell you your horse fell, let alone turning Minnie out on slick ice. Grrrr…..

  2. One of my horses has an injury on the same leg that popped up this summer, and it’s definitely not from hard riding. I’m so glad you posted what you did about an injury to an opposite leg and how this could be related to a fall, since nothing else has made sense in my mare’s case. Please let us know what the vet is able to tell you!

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