Storm and a rainbow

Not only did we not get a summer, but September has shown no sign of delivering the promised Indian Summer either. What we did get was wind and rain. Oh well. I am already back on my winter regime, with the horses grazing one of the main fields during the day and going into the winter paddock at night so they have access to the stables if they wish. And judging by the amount of time I’m spending mucking those stables out in the morning, they make good use of it.

I woke up early this morning to storm winds howling around the house and the sound of things being blown around. I love living on top of a hill and the views are great, but we are exposed up here. I got up and went to check on the animals. The hens were nearly blown out of their feathers when I let them out and they were a bit unenthusiastic about it, although they perked up when I fed them in the shelter of the hedgerow. Minnie and Cassie had their energy up, so I decided to fence off a section of their field to try and prevent manic galloping. That was a waste of time of course. Cassie did a few rears, Minnie did a few bucks, and then they raced around, chasing each other, tails in the air and mane flying in the wind. No photos, because I was far too busy watching them anxiously, thinking of their legs, please girls mind your legs, but they were high on adrenaline and they didn’t mind their legs at all. Then Minnie soared over the electric fence and disappeared into one of the back fields. Obviously Cassie couldn’t let her get away with that, so she took a turn to gather speed and then jumped the fence as well. There was no way I was going to be able to catch them like that, so I decided to just leave them to it and went back inside.

It was a rough day with lots of showers, but when the sun showed itself for a few moments at the end of the afternoon, a high rainbow appeared. The rainbow ended in the oak trees on our land and the colours were stunning, but I would have needed a better camera to capture it properly. Minnie and Cassie spent most of the day close to the house where there was a bit of protection from wind and rain. Here they are with the rainbow in the background.


5 thoughts on “Storm and a rainbow

  1. The visual of Cassie and Minnie jumping the fence and galloping off gave me goose bumps. How wonderful and magical. That picture is gorgeous. What beautiful property you have!

  2. Wolfie, it was hard to believe that they are both lame, they just flew over that fence! Minnie paid for it with extra stiffness and she took it easy today, but Cassie was still chasing the wind.

  3. At least you got something good out of that storm- that photo is gorgeous!

    What a bummer of a year for you, have they calculated the rainfall you’ve gotten so far? Seems like it must be way, way over normal.

    Also- I think I would have freaked if my horses went at the fence like that, but I have bad memories of fence jumping…

  4. Shannon, the last couple of years we’re breaking all kinds of weather records, this summer was the coldest in 49 years and well below normal sunshine hours. Last year was actually wetter than this year, but our ground is worse because it is not drying up.

    Minnie is a phenomonal jumper, she easily jumps her own height and I’ve seen her jump a point-to-point fence from a stand still. She walked up to it to sniff it and then jumped it (backwards!), almost like an afterthought. My electric fence is only fencing stakes with electric tape, if they get caught the stakes will come down and the tape will break, so it’s quite safe, I was just worried about their legs…

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