Horses – never a dull moment!

I think I should rename my blog. ‘The Trials and Tribulations of Life with Two Accident prone Horses’ has a nice ring to it, but it is perhaps rather long. ‘The Accidents and Injuries of Two Horses’ then, to stay closer to the original. The sad fact is that my blog is turning into a medical blog and here is the next chapter.

I walked into the yard to feed my horses this morning, and was greeted by a moose. The moose was Cassie with blood running down her horribly swollen nose. I put her in her stable and got my first aid kit out. I couldn’t put a head collar on her, because the wound was on her nose, so I held her head with my right arm and started cleaning with my left hand. Cassie was brilliant, she patiently stood until I was finished and didn’t once try to pull her head away. After I had cleaned all the blood off and washed out the wound with Calendula lotion I discovered a gaping gash about 3 inches long. I gave Minnie and Cassie their breakfast and then rang my vet. I explained the situation and said I thought the wound might need stitches. My vet was going to be busy for the day, but she said we would have to try and get the swelling down a bit first so I should give Cassie 2 butes and she would come down later.

I gave Cassie the butes and I also gave her some Arnica and then I opened the stables to let them back into the fields. Cassie seemed quite unperturbed about her injury and she happily wandered off in search of some nice grazing. I went to see if I could find out how Cassie had injured herself. When I had put Minnie in her stable I had noticed some blood on the door post, so there must be something sharp there and now I went in to have a good look. There was blood in different spots, but there were no nails or screws sticking out anywhere and I couldn’t really find a definite spot. Cassie is an itchy mare, she could as easily have opened her face on a tree.

Later in the day my vet arrived and we had a look at Cassie’s face. The swelling had gone down a small bit and the wound edges had drawn a bit closer together, so the whole thing didn’t look as dramatic anymore as it had earlier this morning. We debated the pro’s and cons of stitching, but in the end we decided against it. Cassie is going to have a scar anyway, stitching it up wouldn’t actually give her a smaller scar and there was the risk that the stitches would irritate her. Rubbing the stitches out would just make things worse. So I am keeping it clean, I gave Cassie another arnica for the night, and hopefully it will look a bit better again in the morning. 


7 thoughts on “Horses – never a dull moment!

  1. Poor Cassie! Are these two trying to give you a heart attack? I find that if you own more than one horse, chances are one of them is always going to be injured. We own nine horses but look after twenty and at any given time, at least two of them are going to have something wrong with them. Poor girl, that looks nasty. I hope it heals quickly and that she stays out of trouble for a while!

  2. Geez Louise, that’s a long one 😦
    Why must horses constantly find ways to hurt themselves? Mine haven’t been injured in months, I’m worried about what will happen when that streak comes to an end.

  3. Kate, it is looking a bit better this morning, and the swelling is going down.

    Margaret, the joys of horse ownership is a double edged sword, but I wouldn’t be without them!

    Cjay, you are so right, I’ve worked in different yards and there were always a couple of horses recovering from one thing or another. If you’re looking after 20 horses you must be on first name terms with your vet!

    Shannon, it’s impossible to keep horses from hurting themselves. I once put a horse in a beautiful level, well fenced paddock, and he managed to find the only stone in that field and cut his leg open! I really hope we’ve come to the end of our spell now, I feel we’ve had more than our fair share of trouble!

    Wolfie, part of the problem is that my horses are very high blooded, with thin legs and thin skin and it makes them extra vulnerable. I used to have an old Irish Draught mare and she never got injured!

  4. I’m late to the party here–but I hope that she’s doing better. That must have been one heck of a bang to get swelling like that! And it is so true that some of them seem to be more injury-prone than others.

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