Things to be thankful for

Sometimes it is hard not to let life knock you down. The country is bankrupt and listening to the news or reading the newspapers is to inundate yourself in a stream of endless negativity. There is another draconian budget under way; VAT will go up by 2%, fuel prices are rising again, Child Benefit will be cut, new blanket household charges will be introduced. None of these measures are  means-tested so it will be people who can least afford it that will be hit hardest. At the moment things are pretty bleak for us. My husband and I are both out of work and we’re struggling. It is hard to stay positive when you have to cannibalise a savings account that was meant to put the kids through college to pay the mortgage. To be honest, all the worrying was wearing me down and November is the gloomiest month of the year, it is raining almost continuously and  I was getting a bit depressed.

One of the things I really like about blogging is the comments people leave on my blog. Today I received two comments that came at the right time; from Grey Horse Matters and Fetlock, both stopping by to wish me Happy Thanksgiving. Those comments pulled me up. It made me think about how being focussed on adversity can blind you to the good things in your life. Thanksgiving is of course not celebrated here in Ireland, but I like the idea behind it. To stop and count your blessings. That is so easy to do when life runs smoothly, but it is far more important when life is hard to find the lights that are still shining. And they don’t have to be blazing suns.


5 thoughts on “Things to be thankful for

  1. It is indeed hard to stop and be thankful for the small things we take for granted–especially when we have huge problems looming over our heads. I’m thankful to be employed, but we are expecting major cuts in higher ed, and as a low-on-the-totem-pole new adjunct I know I’ll be one of the first to get laid off. I can’t ignore what’s happening, but I try my best not to dwell on it.

    I have heard quite a bit about Ireland’s situation on NPR–not as much as we’ve heard about Greece and Italy, but enough to know that things are getting worse. Sometimes I’ve found myself getting so depressed I just turn the radio off.

    I do hope that you and your family get a good piece of news soon–it’s bound to happen. The weather can’t stay gloomy forever.

  2. I’ve heard about Ireland too. It seems to me that the whole world is coming down sometimes, it’s not great here either. So many people out of work and last night we watched a show about how many homeless children are living in their cars or on the street. Hard to imagine. I feel so sorry for them.

    On the other hand I think it’s also important to have a good outlook instead of being gloomy. As long as we have our health and the love of family, friends and four legged critters it’s not all bad. I seem to be an optimist with the glass being half full. If we can make it through the bad times something will probably turn up that we need to make things better. Hang in there.

  3. Sometimes those of us in the US get so caught up in our own problems that we don’t see what’s happening everywhere else in the world. It’s kind of scary everywhere right now. I’ll do the only thing I can right now- which is to send supportive thoughts to you and yours.

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