Arrow meets the girls…



10 thoughts on “Arrow meets the girls…

    • Yesterday was one of those rare days when the usual cloud cover parts to reveal there is still such a thing as a blue sky out there. That blue sky was worth even the freezing cold gale that was blowing! Almost everytime I despair of the endless rain the weathergods throw me one of these days. Sorry you got all the rain 🙂

  1. Those photos tell a whole story. Very interesting to see. And you live in such a stunning place. I’d love to have as many acres as you do. Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous.

  2. I think this is definitely one of those times that the photo’s tell the story much better than words ever could. Yes it is lovely here, especially on the odd days that it doesn’t rain 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh, I go away for a few days, and you go and get a new pony!
    I like the look of him, and you/he chose a great name. So glad he has a home with you!

  4. I hope your master plan for Arrow to stop Minnie freaking out when you remove Cassie works. Whenever I take one of mine out (doesn’t matter which one), the other three all act like the end of the world has arrived.

    • June, I think he’s a great addition and he’s a cool little guy! We’ll have to wait and see what happens. Minnie never settled whenever I took Cassie away; my husband tells me she keeps screaming and she always wears a track in the stable and makes an unbelievable mess. I just hope she’ll be calmer so she can stay in the field with Arrow.

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