I’m in my forty’s, a sculptor and married with a teenage daughter and son. We live on 16 acres on a hill in the South-West of Ireland with two dogs, two cats, four hens and of course my two horses.

We moved into our newly built house on top of our hill in 2010. For the first time in my life I got to live in the same place as my horses, and being able to watch them at all times has been fascinating and it changed my perspective.


5 May 2012

One of the things I learned is that two horses is not enough. The one that is left behind, when the other horse is taken away for whatever reason, is not a happy horse. It causes great anxiety. Some deal with it better than others, but Minnie goes into full blown panic mode if she is left behind on her own. So when I got offered a Kerry Bog Pony recently, I gladly accepted. And the journey continues…..


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I just have to tell you that I will read every word you write. Your blog resonates with me on a profound level. I’ve made it through August 2010, and I’ll be caught up before too long. Part of it, I think, is your sensibility about horses, your willingness to be with them and not impose on them, trusting that equal partnership can be found. I think you are right.

    On a more trivial level, your mare Minnie resembles, to my eyes, my girl Saxony. She also has a white ring around the iris of her right eye. Her “Hidalgo eye,” I call it.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. True equal partnership with my horses is what I’m hoping to achieve. I do very little actual training or schooling with my horses. Almost everything I can do with them is based on trust and the relationship I have with them. That relationship is really what my blog is about.

    I love that ring in Minnie’s eye. Minnie is very sensitive and has a quirky personality and I’ve found that horses with an “Hidalgo” eye are often like that.

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