Why do I blog?

I guess this is a question almost every blogger must have asked themselves at some point.  Why do we do it, why do we sit behind the computer in our spare time and stare at an empty screen, trying to gather our thoughts and make the effort of painstakingly putting them into words? Why do we press publish at the end to launch these thoughts into cyberspace? What do we expect to get out of it?

The answer to that will be different for everyone. When I started this blog I wrote for myself. Trying to paint pictures in words. I wouldn’t describe myself as a verbal kind of person. In fact, words don’t come easy to me. I think in images. A lot of artists keep extensive sketch books with ideas and the preliminaries for their works of art. It doesn’t work like that for me. Ideas form as images in my mind and when they are ready, I put them into stone, or onto paper. I have never felt the need for sketch books. It’s much harder to put my thoughts into words, but I do enjoy it. Anyway, I wanted to keep a journal about my horses and I wanted it to incorporate photo’s and so I came to blogging. Initially, I wrote in a kind of vacuum. My blog was out there, but I had no readers and I hadn’t really worked up the courage to leave comments on other people’s blogs, so I wasn’t attracting attention. I wrote to release, to remember, and to try and make myself laugh at the trials and tribulations of life with horses and my blog was just a private bubble. When I first noticed that people were reading my blog, I was surprised.

This has always been a small blog, but it still grew to become something more than just a journal; it became a place to connect, to share and discuss. It became part of a community of horse lovers who are interested to share their experiences. Over the years, I have enjoyed the contact with like-minded people all over the world, and I have had wonderful comments on my blog. Support when I needed it. Advice, especially appreciated when I just started out transitioning to barefoot. I have learned things that you won’t find in books. Sometimes I got comments that made me laugh out loud (and that’ll teach you not to sneak some blogging time in during work hours!). Always, I enjoyed the stories of what I came to regard as my blogging friends.

In spite of all that, I was ready to give it all up. Because unfortunately, I have one reader who is definitely not my friend. I have had really unpleasant comments from this person, and it has taken the joy of blogging away from me. I felt that this person was reading over my shoulder every time I started a new post, ready with another snarky comment, and the words just dried up.

I have no problem with critical comments. I am always interested in other people’s point of view and I’ve had discussions here about topics like bits versus bitless and barefoot and hoofboots, but in the end it is obvious that everyone is always looking for the option that suits their horse and their particular situation best and these discussions have taken place in a respectful dialogue. Unfortunately, there is always the risk of running into the person that seeks to ridicule and crush ideas and when it is about the one thing that matters most to me, the relationship with my horses, I found that I am vulnerable.

You can moderate unwanted comments, but you cannot stop a person from reading your blog.  I thought about stopping blogging altogether, and then I considered changing the settings to make this a private blog, but I realised that I don’t want to lose what I have enjoyed so much over the past few years. And it’s not the writing, it’s being part of the horse loving blogging community. So I have decided to start a new blog, under a different name. If you’re interested, please leave a comment below, and I’ll let you know as soon as my first post is up.



17 thoughts on “Why do I blog?

  1. I would be happy to continue reading and following. I agree that it is wonderful to compare information and just gather experience through the eyes of other horse people. Send me a line when you are up and running.

  2. I would definitely continue to follow your blog. Like you I enjoy the connections of the horse loving blogging community. Hearing stories about other horses and their people and getting to know them through the blogs are a wonderful way to discuss and learn new things.

    I can’t believe you have someone who leaves you snarky comments. Why would anyone think it’s okay to do something like that? Anyway, count me in for your new blog.

  3. I bought my ticket to tag along on your journey a long time ago, S, and I’m keeping it. Sign me up for the next iteration, please.

  4. I enjoy reading about your journey, and I’m sorry someone has tried to bully you about it. I live by the old adage from Bambi, when Thumper says “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Like you, I’m fine with constructive criticism, but being mean just to bully is not fun. Sorry you have a reader like that. I would hope you would continue here and say screw them, but understand if you want to make the blog private. I often think the mean people are louder, and us quiet types have been sitting here enjoying your writing all along.

  5. II have found your blog recently and I have enjoyed reading it from the first post.
    I am new with horses and blogs like yours give me the proof that there can be a different path in the horse-human relationship.

    I am from Greece and from some of your posts I realized that people in Ireland have gone (and probably still going) through the same problems we go through at the moment. You see, sometimes we hear financial terms like “recession” and we can’t imagine what this means to people’s lives until we “taste” it ourselves.

    Please count me in as the next blog reader.

  6. I’m glad you aren’t going to let some inadequate human spoil your enjoyment of blogging and being part of a community. What great, supportive comments above – Amen to all that and can I be counted in please?

  7. Sorry a troll found you 😦
    I think a lot of trolls have no idea they are being one, I often worry that I’ve been a troll. Never on purpose but sometimes things don’t come out the way you wanted them too, you know?

    Anyway, count me in. I love reading your clicker training stories and you take lovely pictures!

  8. Count me in too please. I’m sorry you’ve had a knock, but glad you’re getting right back up there again!! You go girl 😉

  9. You know how I feel, S. Sign me up! I am so pleased that you are going to continue blogging. I love how you write and your connection to your horses is inspirational. xo

  10. I would love to keep reading your blog. I don’t comment much but it always makes me happy to see a new post in my email. It’s unfortunate that this person cannot be mature enough to leve you alone and just not read if they don’t agree with you.

  11. I have not been by recently, but was bugged to hear that some unhappy person is bugging you – I really liked Shannon’s troll comment – it gave me big laughs. Move ahead and please include me. The troll pest is just another of life’s little tests …. and I love reading about your animals, and I have learned so much just through your blog.


  12. I recently came across your blog while doing some research about hoof boots and I have really enjoyed reading it! You have got me interested in Clicker training, something I would never have thought possible. I would very much like the details of your new blog please! Thanks!

  13. Hello, my dear friend at Cavaliere Attitude recommended your blog to me. I was blogging at The Horsemaster, but I’m going to have to close it down because one horrid woman has decided to pursue her dislike of me in any way possible, to include slamming my blog. So if you would, please, include me in! I would like to know how you handled ‘your’ troll.

  14. hi, i have just found this and have been reading all evening! 🙂 i am also in west cork and am looking after 6 horses – 5 not shod, after long gaps between farrier visits i am just starting to trim myself. I did a day with christoph from clare island a few weeks ago and am reading everything i can find. If you see this I would love to catch up on your continued journey.

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